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Hi I'm Chip, I'm single, please don't ask me to hangouts to ask for a gift card or anything else I'm not going to pay you to talk with me. Save your dignity. I've been off this site for 2 months because of the fakes and scammers. I'm 64 I'm not hard up or lonely I chose to broaden my horizons a little more .
I'm the real thing, I'm secure in who I am I'm not here for a one night stand, I'm a hopeless romantic, I still think chivalry is a lost art, and I actually listen to you. I'm not like other men, I am not on the hunt to just get lucky as they call it.
I'm not saying it will happen but if the right woman comes along then I'm done. I love to treat my women with dignity and respect. Let her know that I'm the lucky one. I'm a romantic, not only when intimate, but while we are out shopping, yard sales, etc., to hold her hand, brush up against or say something sensual for "her ears only " As long as she graces me with just being herself, I'll try to come up with ways to show her as long as we are both comfortable with it. If the right woman does come my way. And gives me her heart, there is nothing in this world I wouldn't do for her as long as she is happy. I have a great sense of humor. I love hold my woman no need to talk just enjoy being next to each other. Is it corny, or odd these days, I don't care, if it shows the woman I'm with how very special she is that is all that matters.
Chip H.

What I am looking for

A woman that is not worried about being herself who is independent has a sense of humor
(is a must). As always Trustworthy, Honest, secure, someday share as I would maybe share our faults so we don't fall back on out past slights after all we learn from our past. To be able to laugh at all things hopefully. I can understand drama who doesn't search for answers but don't live it.