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wut up Names Cody imma 6'5 native from a lil town called White Shield pretty small town here eveyone knows each other and everyone hate each other, i had 3 brothers but my older bro pass away about 2 years ago, i have 2 sista's they all have kids and sometyme im stuck watchin some of them but its aight, im into Basketball i played some in high school i did aight never played football tho but i like playin it. i guess whenever i get bored watch some tv or play some xbox or some ps3 or go 4 drive around to a friends house or stop at my bro's house to have a drink, smoke some Bud wutever there more of but i rather smoke. movies im in to would be action some scary ones ok, i pretty much watch wutevers good. rap, r&b lil bit of this and that u know wutever sound good or in the mood.. well that all i can think of soo if u have anythang to ask, drop me a line.. Lata
HighSchool: White Shield BIA School
Music: some rap or r&b wutever sound crunkin
TV: some spongebob, lil espn, rob & big, UFC, basketball and football, mtv crips, pimp my ride,
Sports: Basketball,Football, UFC, and PBR that kool
Interests: listenin to music, playin games with my nephew watch some tv, go hang out at a friends or my bro's house and Smoke some bytch or drive around..
Movies: mainly action movies fightin ones more

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